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Monday, 5 November 2018

Is ‘Many Truths’ a Lie?


Solve this conundrum:
How many versions of the truth can be true?

The answer seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?
Surely only ONE can be absolute truth!

How can any version of the truth be true, if other versions of the same philosophy, event, person, belief… are also true? It’s nonsense to portray truth like that! What court in the land would accept half a dozen contradictory witness accounts as all being absolutely true? Nothing would ever be established as indisputable fact. There would be no absolute truth on any level.

‘There is no nonsense so gross that society will not, at some time, make a doctrine of it and defend it with every weapon of communal stupidity.’
Robertson Davies, Canadian Novelist, 1913-1955

And yet, in current thinking, the answer seems to be that an infinite number and variety of versions of the truth can be true, at least for you – particularly when it comes to personal philosophical ideas and beliefs, including religious beliefs. In an effort to allow that everyone is entitled to their own ideas about how to live, what to believe, how the world began, why we are here, what is the meaning of life… in order to cater for the fantastically wide (and weird) variety of ideas that are crowding the minds of human beings, anything and everything is allowed to be so-called ‘truth’. 

“I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy: my reality is just different from yours.” 
Lewis Carroll

Of course, the tolerant acceptance that it’s fine to believe anything is no foundation for that dearly-held something being true. No matter your strength of mind, or the strength of your desire that a pet belief is true, it doesn’t alter reality. Deep down, every thinking person must realise that. No matter how nice, or plausible, or desirable a particular ‘truth’ or belief sounds, that doesn’t make it true! Real, absolute Truth must have a foundation in facts that can be investigated.  

In The Rumour Mill the White-Jacket Meddlers are a key part of the plan of the land of Err to overcome the city of Aletheia. These Meddlers are the masters of lies and deceit. Not necessarily obvious lies – they wear white jackets because they enjoy nice little white lies and cosy half-truths. They manufacture subtle changes to the truth, twisting and turning it such that you never know what was absolutely true – and what was not. They admit that the truth could be many things.

In fact, truth could be precisely what you wanted it to be.
[The Rumour Mill]

The plan to muddle, dilute, twist, and change the absolute Bible Truth which was fundamental to the power of Aletheia, was certain to succeed! The One Truth would stand no longer!

‘…As for their truth which they hold so precious, soon there will be no truth left. They won’t know what to believe! Then they will gladly join with the Council of Err. They will, at last, share our own truths and values!”’
[The Rumour Mill]

Test the truth of these 2 statements about God and love:
1.      God is love
2.      God is love, therefore everyone will ultimately be in Heaven

The first is a quote from the Bible and is true (I have reasons for that assertion – contact me if you want to know why I believe that!); the second is a twisting of the first statement and is not true. It is precisely the kind of lie the Meddlers would enjoy slinging at the city of Bible Truth to undermine the pure, undiluted Truth, and the value of the gift of God’s salvation. And it is precisely the kind of lie we can be saturated with today. We will hear the truth twisted and changed a little and turned into even a small, seeming innocuous lie; we might even like it and begin to believe it. Ever heard of, read, ‘liked’ on Facebook etc. sayings like…

Look inside yourself for the answers - you're the only one who knows what's best for you.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may.

Be true to yourself.

In your inner self you have the strength to change the world!

These all sound kind of wise and true, right? But ask yourself of any of the above: what is the measuring stick by which you can assess the truth of these statements? What source of light can illuminate what is true, and what is not?

As we’ve seen in a previous blog, Jesus Christ claimed to be ‘The Truth’ – to speak it, to define it, to embody it, to determine it.

The measuring stick by which you must wisely assess the subtle ‘truths’ by which we are surrounded, is the Word of God, the Bible:
which contains the revelation of the Truth –
the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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