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Monday, 22 October 2018

What (or Who) is Truth?


This isn’t a new question. It has been the quest of mankind from the beginning of time to search for truth – whether absolute truth or a version developed by ancient philosophers and religious figures to satisfy human need.

But this question was asked on one particular occasion to the one Person, Jesus Christ, Who actually knew the answer, and more than that: Who was the living embodiment of The Truth!

‘Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”’
John 18:38, THE BIBLE

We don’t know how this question was asked – puzzled, sarcastic, angry, interested? But Pilate’s question was never answered, although the Lord Jesus revealed the answer to His followers:

‘Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.”’
John 14:6, THE BIBLE

We don’t know why Pilate’s question wasn’t answered. Perhaps he already knew the answer and no other revelation of the Lord Jesus was necessary. All we know is that the Truth stood before the Roman Governor, and he failed to acknowledge Him.

So, what did the Lord Jesus Christ mean when He claimed to be the Truth? Does it hold the key to our search for truth today? I think that it does. Here is a claim to not only speak the truth, but actually to be the truth – to embody it, to determine it, to define it. It is the claim of the Lord Jesus to be what the Bible says He is – the Son of God – Almighty God revealed in human form; the Creator of the Universe becoming a man.

He designed the universe; created the earth, the planets, the stars; wrote the laws of nature, of physics and mathematics; inscribed on human souls the moral law and conscience that sets human beings apart from any other creature.

‘Without Him nothing was made that was made.’
John 1:3, the Bible

This is one reason why He not only knows what is true, and speaks what is true, He actually defines it: 
ultimate and absolute Truth is determined by Him.

In The Rumour Mill, the plan of the land of Err is the destruction of the city of Aletheia. Aletheia’s determination to uphold the Truth of the Bible, and to deny that there is any alternative ‘truth’, brings the wrath of those who are quite happy with the most weird and wonderful alternatives – as long as the notion that every belief is equally valid prevails.

In other words, the thinking of Err – and of western society – is that no matter what you believe, it must be subject to certain shared values. Such as:
·    Compromise – even if a belief goes against the law of God and the teaching of the Bible;
·      Equality – even if things aren’t objectively equal and valid;
·      Respect – even if it isn’t something that is respectable;
·     Acquiescence – that you must bow to this higher societal thinking for the ‘good’ of all.

But this way of thinking, this disgust, even hatred, of the notion that there is objective Truth and that it’s not up to each one of us to determine it, goes much further back than current thinking.

In fact, it goes back to the very dawn of time itself. And this is the subject of our next blog:

Opened Eyes

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