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At Aletheia Books

Monday, 29 October 2018

Opened Eyes


“Your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
Genesis 3:5, the Bible

The promise of enlightenment! What an enticement this is! And I think it holds a clue as to how society in general thinks today.

Picture the Garden of Eden: a perfect paradise of beauty, inhabited by a young couple who were genetically perfect. They’re made ‘in the image of God’ [Genesis 1:26] – with the ability to speak, learn, remember, appreciate beauty, understand and manage plants, rule the animal kingdom and much more. They likely had an intellect we can’t imagine and will never attain. They were created with free-will – they had the capacity to understand instructions, to interpret signs and commands, to comprehend meaning, to love, to worship, to obey.

Into this world of unimaginable beauty, comes the serpent – Satan himself. He’s there to test their allegiance to their Creator, to the God of Heaven (and ultimately to try and claim that allegiance for himself). There’s only one thing this perfect couple have been told they must not do, and he will try to convince them to do it. We know the story. They make a deliberate choice to explore this other possibility – in direct disobedience to the God of Heaven, they overthrow the one restriction He has placed upon them, and they choose to ‘be like God’, to determine their own destiny.

They fail; they fall; and the whole of the created world falls with them.

And after the pattern of this first rebellion,
the rebellion against our Creator continues today.

By instinct we want to determine our own destiny, develop whatever beliefs we fancy, worship as we please, do good or evil as we please – even to the extent of determining what IS good and evil and re-writing the moral law which is written in our beings by our Creator God.

It’s this will, this desire to determine our destiny, that leaves us so susceptible to a lie. If there is no ultimate Controller of right and wrong, no ultimate Determiner of what is the truth about the biggest issues – for example, the origin of the universe, the purpose of life, what is good and what is evil, whether there is life after death – we make up the ‘truth’ ourselves: we individually, or as collective societies, determine ‘truth’ and create a dilemma from which it is hard to extract ourselves.

Our eyes are opened to good and evil:
and yet we are blind.

You see, we open ourselves to the conflicting thoughts summed up in these two statements:

Current thinking:
There is no such thing as ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

But how can that statement be ABSOLUTELY TRUE…? 

Which we will explore further in the next blog:
Is ‘Many Truths’ a Lie?

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